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Bahari Beach controlled development


Integrated Property Investments (T) Ltd (or ‘IPTL’), a locally registered limited company, is happy to inform all potential buyers of our plans to sell 62 surveyed individual sub-plotssuitable for beach villas at Plot 2, 3 and 5, Ununio, Bahari Beach area. The plots vary in sizes ranging from 1000 sqm to 1600, making them suitable for a wide range of budgets. 

These plots are only about couple of hundred meters away from the white sandy beaches of Bahari Beach, and next to an ongoing residential development set to be completed this year . They are also made accessible by the nearby newly-paved tarmac road which is currently being developed with plans of connecting it the New Bagamoyo Road. 

Description of Neighbouring Developments

Plots 2, 3 and 5 are all located in what will soon be a highly commercialized area. The location is experiencing developments on a massive scale where a shopping mall, high-rise apartment and office buildings and a selection of carefully crafted villas will all be erected within close proximity to the three plots by the respective construction end dates of the multi-faceted Bahari Beach project. 

The master plan of this project also includes the development and, once built, provision of a ferry service to transport residents and professionals to and from Bahari Beach area and the centre of Dar es Salaam. The ferry service will greatly reduce the time constraints and general levels of inconvenience commonly associated with road congestion allowing the ferry user to easily and regularly meet appointments by by-passing Dar es Salaam’s narrow and packed roads. 

A Managed Estate

The 62 plots for sale will constitute a managed estate with common service like security, garbage collection, common area upkeep and routine maintenance. A newly established management company (or ‘ManCo’), to be jointly owned by the buyers and Integrated Property Investments Ltd, will offer these services.  In addition, ManCo will have to approve the construction plans for each plot so that buyers maintain the standards required for upscale sub-urban area and to improve the value of the properties, and the responsibility of approval will be borne collectively by all members of the company. 

Permitted Use of the Land

We are also happy to advise that land has been filled and compacted at substantial cost to enable construction of all types of buildings. However, it is recommended that only two-storey villas are to be built on the area in order to maintain the aesthetics of the area and to conform to the land use approved for the area by the Ministry of Land and Urban Development. 

Construction Options

Integrated Property Investments Ltd, the current owner of the plots, has developed a number of designs for properties suitable for the area. We also have also established a strategic relationship with Class 1 contractors who are willing to undertake fixed-cost construction on reasonable timescale for the construction. Payments are required to be in 5 or 6 easy instalments in the course of 12 months. Alternatively, buyers have the choice to use their own design and their own contractor as long as they are building properties in line with the rest of the estate. It is important for us to keep the harmony of Bahari Beach estate intact. PropertyFinder Tanzania

PropertyFinder Tanzania

By-Laws of the Estate

There are by-laws to be upheld placing limits on the type of houses to be built, time constraints during construction, the use of common areas, and so on and so forth. The nature and extent  of these by-laws will be discussed with you in person in the event of your imminent purchase of the plots. 

Financing Options

We would normally recommend buyers to buy their plots with available cash and seek financing from local banks for the construction of the house of their choice. We the sellers of the plots do not offer financing but we can advise potential buyers about banks who are in a position to provide affordable financing options. 

It is important to note that we cannot provide direct financing for the purchase of the plots but what we can do is help you in your search to locate financiers be it a bank or another investment entity.


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